Customer questionnaire for plastic components
If you do not know the answer to a question, write to ask for expert help.
1. Type of product (lamp cover, appliance housing, gasket, other)
2. Material hardness requirements (hard, flexible, soft)
3. The purpose of the product
4. Product RAL colour / colour designation
5. Where the product will be used: indoors or outdoors
6. Temperature conditions of use, whether the product is subject to forced heating from adjacent parts
7. Resistance to UV radiation
8. Product application area
9. Presence of aggressive chemical environment of use (if yes, resistance to which chemicals is required)
10. Requirements for material durability (presence of vibrations, presence of mechanical impact on the product during operation, resistance to shock loads)
11. method of product installation (loose fit, fixing, interference fit)
12. Humidity of the environment of use
13. Additional requirements for the product
14. Surface type (gloss, matt, shagreen)
Attach file (if available): photo, drawing, 3D model, sketch
If attaching a photo or sketch, write the dimensions in the box below.
16. Dimensions
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